Bernard Dunne tells Quigg and Frampton to wait

By Jonny Stapleton

SUPER bantamweight expert Bernard Dunne believes making an immediate Carl Frampton Scott Quigg  clash ‘wouldn’t be wise’.

Commonwealth champion, Frampton and British belt holder Quigg are on a collision course but have disagreed publicly as to when they should collide.

The Belfast fighter is eager to fight his hot prospect rival as soon as possible, whilst Team Quigg want to let the eagerly anticipated domestic scrap brew into a fight with world ramifications.

As a former WBA super bantamweight champion of the world Dubliner Dunne knows a thing or two about the game at that weight and he seems to side with Quigg.

The Neilstown man, who has become a champion of he Irish language in his new television show, claims the talented duo should share the ring when a European or World title can be put on the line.

“They can’t be rushed into fights that they’re not ready for,” Dunne said in a Boxing News interview. “There’s been a lot of talk about Frampton. He’s an exceptional talent, as is Scott Quigg. A lot of people want them to fight each other now, but that wouldn’t be wise. They should both win more titles and then meet each other in the ring. Both of them are capable of winning major titles in the future.”

The Jackal eager to sink his teeth into Quigg- Dunne says bide your time

Like ‘The Jackal’, Dunne had an English rival he was continuously linked with.

However unfortunately for the man, who revived professional Irish boxing, he could never make a fight with Rendall Munroe.

The ‘Bin Man’ wasn’t willing to come to Dublin and a the British Boxing board of Control wouldn’t grant Dunne a licence to box in the Uk because of a swelling on the brain.

“The big stumbling block for me was that I simply couldn’t fight in England, because of my cyst. I would have loved the fight to happen. I made that quite clear at the time. We offered him the fight in Ireland, but his team just didn’t seem to want to travel. I think a lot of the time, managers and promoters get in the way of bouts happening.”

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