Frampton focussed on Sky chance

4 June 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Carl Frampton has warned Robbie Turley he can run but he cant hide as he bids to stop him in their Celtic title fight and British title eliminator in Wales tonight.

The Jackal wants to make it a perfect 10 fights unbeaten by forcing the referee to administrate a 10 count on the Welsh champion.

The Belfast prospect, who has is regularly tipped for the very top, makes his Sky debut in the Motor Point arena and wants to put in a performance that will make everyone take note. Barry McGuigans protg claims once Turley tastes his power he will go on the back foot, but stressed over ten rounds he will eventually get the chance to dispatch the home fighter.

It is my first live fight on Sky and I plan to get the knock out. It doesnt always work that way but if I get the chance I will take it. Once I catch him he will go on the back foot. It might take me a while to catch him but over ten rounds I will get the chance to take him out. Once that chance comes I am the type of fighter that will take my time and stop a fighter. Frampton, who claimed his new baby girl is his prime motivation ahead of the biggest fight of his career, told Mirror Sport.

Despite expressing confidence and claiming he is already ready to fight for the British title he hopes to challenge for by the end of the year the fighter, who shares a double date with destiny with Andy Murray in the Motor Point arena tonight, claims he is not over looking the Welsh native.

Turley is going to prove very awkward. I am certainly not over looking him. He is Welsh champion and he will try spoil a lot, but it is up to me to the business and I am confident I can win and remain on course for the British title. Tommy Waite brought the British title to my local club when I was younger and every since it has been a massive dream for me to get that belt. it is a beautiful belt and one I would like to own outright. A win on Saturday will bring me a step closer. I feel ready for Jason Booth now. He I was offered the chance to fight him on Saturday night I would have taken it the star in the making added.

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