Warren: I was surprised Spike turned down chance to fight Jamie Cox

Frank Warren claims Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan turned down the chance fight Jamie Cox.

Speaking to IFL TV the Cork middleweight’s former promoter said Cox, a Swindon native with Donegal connections, is being avoided by domestic 160 lbs fighters across the board and name dropped ‘Spike’ as if to highlight just how feared the 29 year old is.

“I offered Chris Eubank Jr the (Jamie Cox) fight but they never got back to us,” said Warren.

“I was very surprised that Spike O’Sullivan turned it down. No-one wants to fight Jamie Cox. I think (the reason is) because he has been sparring quite a few people and all the reports that are coming out of sparring is how well he is doing and how he is controlling it.

“I think as a result of that, people don’t want to up and fight.”

The Murphy’s boxing fighter may have turned down the chance to fight Cox of late, but will certainly argue fear wasn’t the motive behind his decision.

O’Sullivan has an October 10 Boston fight lined up and is confident he is a few good performances away from a World title shot.

Indeed he has been calling out the likes of Andy Lee, Gennady Golovkin, Matthew Macklin and even Gennady Golovkin and Cox, although a tough opponent wouldn’t have the profile to attract ‘Spike’ as of yet.

The Cork native was also upset Frank Warren with ‘five unacceptable’ options put on the table when the talked a possible Chris Eubank Jr clash earlier in the year and might feel Cox fight talks might follow a similar path.


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