Sexton writes off old Rogie

22 October 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Sam Sexton is adamant that youth will triumph over experience when he and Martin Rogan meet again at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast next month.

Sexton claimed the Commonwealth heavyweight title from Rogan when the Irishman was ruled unable to continue in the eighth round of the pairs first meeting in May because of a badly swollen eye.

Rogan, though, claims that the stoppage was premature and was left lamenting his own mercy after failing to finish a clearly dazed Sexton earlier in the round, opting instead to urge referee Dave Parris to call a halt to proceedings.

The 38-year-old brawler has also claimed in the lead-up to the rematch that he feels that he is in the best shape of his life and is promising a knockout performance when he attempts to avenge the sole loss of his career on November 7.

However, Sexton says he has grown weary of Rogans pre-fight boasts.

“Martin keeps going on about how he feels like Peter Pan, but you’ve got to go with youth in this fight,” said Sexton.

“I made Rogan look like an old man the first time I met him and he hasn’t stopped moaning like one since.

“Let’s face it, he’s nearly 40 and once I’ve dealt with him the best thing for him to do will be retire and go to the park and feed the pigeons.

“I’ll run rings around him in Belfast and he won’t be able to keep up. I usually like to show respect to people who are older to me, but Rogan’s been doing my head in with all his griping about the first fight, so I can’t wait to shut him up. This time I’ll make sure he can’t say a word by knocking him out.”

Sexton, at just 25, also believes that an emphatic win will underline his status as the coming man in heavyweight boxing.

“For years the domestic scene has been dominated by fighters in their 30s, but right now there’s a new generation coming through and I’m leading the pack,” the Norwich native reasoned.

“In boxing terms, Martin is a grandad and he’ll need his pipe and slippers after I’ve given him a beating. After I’ve sent him packing I’ll finish off Williams once and for all, and then shut up Audley as well.”

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