Quigg Trainer Gallagher hits out at Team Frampton

Scott Quigg’s trainer Joe Gallagher has warned Barry McGuigan not to talk Carl Frampton into a fight he is not ready for.

The respected Manchester based trainer seems to have taken acceptation to Team Frampton’s calls for an instant clash with the British Champion.

He told the undefeated Belfast prospect to focus on his fight with Kris Hughes tonight and to stop trying to make a name for himself on the back of the Bury favourite’s success.

“What I would like Carl Frampton to do is go about his own business. Go and be Carl Frampton. Don’t be trying to make a name for yourself on the back of Scott Quigg. Do your business in the ring and get everyone excited about Carl Frampton,” Gallagher told Sky’s Ringside.

“A week before Frampton’s next fight and he keeps talking about Scott Quigg. Don’t be worrying about Scott Quigg worry about your own fight.”

Gallagher, whose parents hail from the West of Ireland, did say they would look a fight with McGuigan’s protégé but not just yet. The Manchester based trainer feels it would be a bigger fight down the line and hinted he doesn’t think ‘The Jackal’ is ready.

“At the moment Carl Frampton’s best performance to date is against an Aussie doorman. We just beat Jason Booth a world class fighter. I know Barry is jumping up and down saying this kid is this and that, but Barry shouldn’t be talking his kid into a fight he is not ready for yet.  We are doing our thing the Frampton fight is one for next year.”

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