Open letter from John O’Donnell to Sam Eggington

Dear Sam,

I am writing to openly challenge you to defend your titles against me on October 17th. I fully appreciate that you may not want to do this as you know you will lose and will want to pick an easy touch but man up and at least when you lose you will have shown you’re a fighting man!

As it stands I am going to have to beat the guy who beat you, Dale Evans, in an eliminator for the British title. You know I will beat Dale and probably you will find an excuse to vacate when this happens rather than face me.

Sam it’s all about levels and I am levels above you. I will take you to school and give you a boxing lesson but at least you will learn from it.

You seem to lack an opponent for October 17th. Ask your promoter Eddie to give my team a call. We are waiting for the phone to ring. I will even give you a rematch clause if you want to be beaten twice in a row.

You have done really well coming back and its great to see a young man progress but the time has now come to face a real contender, someone who is hungry to go all the way. Glenn Foot was too small for you, Joseph Lamptey was out of his depth and Shayne Singleton had a built up record.

I am a former Commonwealth champion. Man up Sam!

All the best



Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years