Mirth and Menace from Fury and Rogan

Hennessy Sports Press Release- written by David Kelly

Frankly, if the fight between Tyson Fury and Martin Rogan is anywhere near as   entertaining as yesterday’s press conference then the fans are in for a    treat on April 14 at the Odyssey Arena.

In the comedic stakes it was round one to Rogan who did his best Frank Carson   impression but when they both took the mic for a singing duel the honours    went to Fury.

All this after the serious business of both men declaring “serious damage”   would be done next month.

Fury has signed to do stand-up for Sport Relief and gave us a quick cameo,  but   quick-witted Rogan assured him that: “On April 14 you’ll not being doing    stand-up, you’ll be doing sit-down. That’s a cracker!”

The heavyweight clash is set to be for the vacant Irish title with Fury,    finally, legally proving what he had said all along — that he is a bonafide    Irishman.

“I didn’t get to box for Ireland at the last Olympics but now in 2012 I’m    fighting for the Irish title all being well and trust me, no man will be   able  to stop me on April 14 — not even an army could stop me,” said Fury.

“Martin Rogan has no chance. The young fella is going to take out the old    fella. To you he may be Big Rogie but to me he’s wee, cuddly Rogie.”

The grudge clash — which falls on the same night the Titanic sunk 100 years    ago — is one that has Irish fight fans drooling at the prospect of fireworks    when the two big men come together and as promoter Mick Hennessy commented:   “It’s the biggest heavyweight fight to come here since Muhammad Ali boxed at    Croke Park.”

For Rogan it is massive opportunity to re-ignite his career which has slowly   gone off the radar ever since back-to-back defeats at the hands of Sam    Sexton.

Two wins followed under the guidance of Brian Peters but they had a parting  of   the ways and last year’s failed attempt to run his own shows left him cast   adrift.

“I’m a lot wiser now,” said Rogan. “It’s a good opportunity for me to be    fighting Tyson Fury who is number six in the world — it’s not every day you    get that chance. And it’s a good opportunity for Tyson Fury to get beaten by   a  good hard Irishman.

“At one stage when I beat Audley Harrison and Matt Skelton I should have    fought for the World title but unfortunately it didn’t happen — but my focus    is just on Tyson Fury

“It doesn’t matter that I have been out of the ring for 18 months, it  wouldn’t   matter if I had been out for 20 years — everybody knows that I come  to   fight. It’s a great for my city and my fans.”

Fury, who recently vacated the British and Commonwealth belts when under    pressure to defend against David Price, says this fight with Rogan means   more  to him than even a World title fight.

“This fight means everything to me, this means more than fighting for the    undisputed World title, more than fighting the Klitschkos — all I am focused    on is Martin Rogan,” added Fury.

“I have locked myself away and been to hell and back to get in great shape  and   by the time of the fight I’ll have been away from my family for 15 weeks.  If   I can’t beat Martin Rogan I’ve nowhere to go.

“If I lose then I’ll have to make a living out of shining Martin Rogan’s    shoes.”

Tickets: £155, £105, £65, £44, £33 and £27.50 from Ticketmaster.ie,   0844 2774455.


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