Matthew Macklin withdraws his British licence

Birmingham born Irish fighter Matthew Macklin has relinquished his British licence.

As a result Macklin will no longer be allowed fight in Great British championships. He will, however, be able to continue boxing in Ireland where he has already performed three times in Dublin.

The Irish favourite is presently in training in New York as he prepares for a bout with the world’s most highly-rated champion, Sergio Martinez.

Boxing Board of Control chairman Charlie Giles told the Birmingham Mail : “The letter came as a bit of a bombshell and it was even more disappointing when no explanation was offered. As he is now no longer a licence holder with the Board we shall not be sending a representative to look after his interests over such things as the rules and regulations, which would be the normal practice. I still wish him good luck. He will be the underdog but I would like to see him win. On the night he can be very good.’’


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