Martin Rogan: Fury shouldn’t have avoided David Price

By Jonny Stapleton


MARTIN Rogan believes Tyson Fury shouldn’t have vacated his British and Commonwealth titles to avoid a clash with fellow undefeated British heavyweight David Price .

Not because the move opened the Manchester based giant to ridicule and prompted people to question his fighting spirit, but because he thinks Fury would have had a better chance of defeating the much touted Liverpudlian than ‘The Iron Man’.

The man christened after the great heavyweight  Mike Tyson has been labelled ‘Chicken Fury’ by Frank Maloney after he elected to settle his differences with 40 year old Rogan in the Odyssey Arena on April 14 rather defend against mandatory challenger Price.

Rogan was quick to defend his next foe stating he is a fighting man with a lot of heart, but that didn’t stop him questioning Fury’s intelligence.

The former Commonwealth champion claims Price would have been the wise move for the 23 year old world title hopeful, claiming no other fighter will match the inaugural Prizefighter‘s want and desire to win.

“It is a simple as this Tyson Fury doesn’t know what he has let himself for,” Rogan told Mirror Sport.

“He has never been in with anyone with the grit and desire that I have and he couldn’t have found an opponent that wanted it more than me. I have a massive want. All I can think about is winning this fight. He could have fought Price and I know from talking to his team why that fight didn’t happen. Its money, TV and boxing politics. I know he isn’t a chicken and I know he has a fighters heart. But Price could have been a wiser move because I know Price doesn’t want it more than me.”

Fists of Fury- Tyson brings big time heavyweight boxing back to Ireland

Since the official announcement of a clash that fell through twice last year Rogan’s age and recent inactivity have been questioned.

The former taxi driver claims neither will hinder him and promises to deliver and prove he is the king of the Irish heavyweights come April 14.

“I am fit as ever. I am working with former Ulster player Stephen Bell on my strength and conditioning. I have already noticed improvements. Bernardo Checa has added a bit of refinement to the brawler in me too and I know I can beat him. I can’t change the year I was born and the inactivity wasn’t because I didn’t want to fight. I don’t see either as an issue,” the Belfast favourite  added before joking “Look at the great Muhammad Ali he was three years out and came back better than ever. They say the only difference between me and Ali is our skin colour.”

‘Big Roggie’ may be all quips and smiles but the heavyweight entertainer knows he is entering last chance salon. Defeat could enforce retirement.However the Antrim native has this belief that he isn’t just fighting for himself. He seems to feel a degree of responsibility for up and coming fighters.

“If I beat Fury I am in contention, but it also means more fights for Belfast fighters.  There are no cards out there for young kids to learn their trade on. We are starved of cards in Ireland and we have to change that.”






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