Hogan fights on Titlemania

By Jonny Stapleton

A Prizefigther slot may have eluded him, but Dennis Hogan is determined to grab hold of the Queensland light middleweight title tonight.

The super middleweight king of Queensland has his sights set on a different prize and a second pro figher, but standing in his way is his stiffest test to date.

The Hurricane will try and blow way fellow undefeated prospect Natthan Carroll, but declares it won’ be easy.

“It is great that things are moving so fast but I am working very hard and doing everything right at the minute so I am ready for it,” the Kildare man told www.irish-boxing.com. “Nathan has a great amateur and pro record and is a very good , fast, slick fighter. He is my best opponent to date but I am confident in my own ability and that what’s going to get me there. I have heard his team are very confident. I like to hear that and hopefully it will make for a great contest.”

The Kildare native was hoping his first paid Irish fight would take place on the May 5 Prizefigthter, but is content enough with his lot.

“I made an effort to get into Prizefighter, but it wasn’t to be and just as well I am a very busy fighter at the minute. Some of those guys are finding it hard to get fights so fair is fair. Also my brothers wedding is on around the same time so it worked out. Best of luck to all in prizefighter, its going to be very interesting.”




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