Gallagher is blowing false smoke up Quigg’s arse says McGuigan

You may as well be reading fairy tales as to read too much into the contrasting results Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg had against Kiko Martinez suggests Shane McGuigan.

Frampton stopped the tough Spaniard in round nine of a European title fight before going the distance with the the World champ en route to becoming IBF title holder, while Quigg knocked out ‘Mini Tyson’ in two rounds in his last outing.

Team Quigg used the comparison in manner of Martinez victory as an argument for a Matchroom victory when the pair trade leather in Manchester on February 27 and were keen to bring it up on the three day press tour to promote the clash.

Frampton’s coach, McGuigan, however, claims their ‘Kiko’ results bares no relevance to the eagerly anticipated February World title fight.

The former Ulster Champion believes Team Quigg are ‘blowing false smoke’ up the rear of the Bury man.

“Scott knocked out Gavin Reid in eight rounds and Carl did it in two. We don’t go blowing false smoke up Carl’s arse because he did that where as Gallagher is.  He is saying ‘your a bigger puncher’ and that,” McGuigan told IFL TV .

“Whether it’s false hope or whether it’s just trying to get under Carl’s skin the fact is he did a good job on Kiko. Carl knocked Kiko out in the first fight and he was very defensive in the second. Kiko truely believed he could beat Scott Quigg and the fact is he walked onto a great shot you can’t do that against Scott Quigg.”

McGuigan also confirmed the Belfast puncher and World champion’s camp has been going well to date.

“Its been a good champ so far. We are very positive we are going to get a result over Scott Quigg in an exciting fight.”


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