Frampton vs Reid: Press conference

4 December 2010 – Steve Wellings

After defeating Gavin Reid in just two rounds to claim the Celtic super-bantamweight title, Carl Frampton, manager Barry McGuigan and coach Gerry Storey sat down with the press to discuss the fight and the future.


First and foremost it was all about the win, but in the back of my mind I wanted to make a statement as well [to Irish and British rivals]. Reid has gone the distance, or into the later rounds, with the likes of Quigg, Smith and Savage. To get him away in two rounds was a bonus for me. I let my rivals know that Im the real deal. Im not messing about and the Celtic title is a good title to win.

“Theres the possibility of a Celtic title defence. Other fights are out there too. The super-bantamweight division is probably the hottest division in Britain and Ireland. There are some big fights to be made and 2011 could be a big year for me.

The crowd were noisier than last time and when I came into the ring I started doing a wee bit of shouting, so I felt the caveman in me.

“I need to work on my footwork and foot speed. Ive been watching Manny Pacquiao videos and hes unbelievably fast. Ive been doing explosive padwork and they say ‘train hard, fight easy’. Gavin took some big shots in there, fair play to him hes a tough operator and that was not an easy fight.

“Im getting better and better, this was my best performance so far. To get rid of him inside two rounds gives me a real confidence boost.”


“This game is about drawing comparisons until the guys eventually get together. Scott Quigg took nine rounds to get rid of Gavin Reid and I deliberately picked Gavin because of his staying power and the potential for him to extend Carl into the later rounds. I genuinely thought that Reid would take us into the second half of the fight, maybe even later.

“Its very exciting for Ireland that we have got so many quality, exciting fighters in and around the same weight class. Carls a Protestant kid with a Catholic girlfriend a real modern Northern Ireland guy, he epitomises a shared future.

“Wed be happy to fight for the Irish title if it was available but we could be looking at British or European level already. I wont put him in for titles if I dont think hes ready. Id like a Celtic title defence. Jamie Arthur was under consideration but then he fought, and won, the Commonwealth title. We would be delighted to fight Paulie Hyland, Davie Savage or any of the guys eligible for the Celtic title.

“He makes a statement every time he fights and that was the objective. People are beginning to believe what I’ve been telling them. This kid can do it; with sensible steps he’s going a long way.”


“Gavin Reid is never in a dull fight. Hes very dangerous when hurt and you may have noticed tonight that whenever Carl hurt him he took his time, did what we had talked about before and took no chances or risks.Frampton controls the pace so well and doesnt waste anything. Hes extremely heavy handed.”

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