Forget About December, Kavanagh Is On The March

By Patrick Appleton

JAMIE Kavanagh says he is looking forward to getting back in the ring next month and he promises to banish any lasting thoughts of December’s disappointing draw with Rameses Gil.

Kavanagh still feels he was unlucky to come away with a draw that night as he feels he won the fight but it was not to be and he has had to move on.

“I should be fighting at the end of March hopefully; I’m just waiting on a date. I was told I’d hear today when, maybe the 24th in Texas or the 31st in Cancun.”

The Golden Boy boxer will be anxious to show what he can do after the disappointing draw and the problems that arose after the fight.  The Irishman suffered a fracture to his right hand and cut to the eye but he says it is all fine and he is fighting fight now.

“I’m just in the gym getting back into shape really. The fractured hand has healed and eye has too. It was a nasty cut so it took time but the most frustrating thing was that I just wanted to jump back in the ring again but I couldn’t.”

The wild card prospect says that Freddie Roach has told him to forget about December’s disappointment and the Dubliner is adamant that come March we will see an explosive performance.

He feels that a number of elements were not right on the night such as nervousness, officiating and the ensuing mid-fight injuries.

“Freddie has me working on more things this time around. He and I believe we won the fight, 4 rounds clearly too, but that night a lot of things went wrong not only for myself but other fighters too and the show wasn’t great to tell the truth.

“I was very nervous on the night which didn’t help. I grew up as a kid watching Sky Sports and the big cards and then you’re fighting on it. You can only imagine the pressure.”

March will be retribution time for the orthodox fighter, but he is only looking at getting this next fight out of the way and moving on to the next one. He hopes to successfully negotiate his next bout this week and says Golden Boy have plans to put him on the Khan-Peterson rematch on May 19th.

“I spoke to Golden Boy in the gym the other day and they want me fighting at the end of March then another fight on the Khan undercard in May. I’m happy with those plans and maybe I will be shown on Sky Sports again, I’m not sure.”

So things are getting busy around this time of year for one of Ireland’s most well connected boxers. A boxer doesn’t train at the Wild Card Gym unless he has the tools for it.

Jamie Kavanagh most certainly does and he is aiming to get back on track this Spring under the attentive guidance of Freddie Roach.

All eyes are fixed towards the end of March though, as the exciting fighter will look to make it nine from ten in the professional game.

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