Floyd Mayweather responds to critics and says nobody is forced to buy fight with Berto

Floyd Mayweather has defended his decision to bow out of boxing against Andre Berto in Las Vegas on September 12th.

So the question we all want to know is, why Berto?

Mayweather said: “I chose Berto because he is very exciting. Berto is going to push (me) to the limit that’s one thing I do know. This is a very intriguing match-up.”

The undefeated pound for pound champion then discussed the criticism he has faced since announcing the contest.

A defiant Mayweather stated: “I hear I’ve been getting backlash, he’s (Berto) been getting backlash, no one is forced to buy the fight. Come September 13th I don’t want you guys saying ‘damn I missed the fight’.”

He then proceeded to talk about his previous clash with Manny Pacquiao and blamed the media as the reason why some fans felt let down after the ‘fight of the century’.

According to the money man “the difference between Berto and Manny Pacquiao is that you (the media) put all the hype in Pacquiao. My job was to go out and be Floyd Mayweather and be a chess player and that’s what I did. I found a way to win.”

Finding a way to win is something critics can never take away from Floyd Mayweather, unless Andre Berto shocks the boxing world and becomes the first man to defeat him on September 12th at the MGM Grand that is.

Mayweather also stressed that this was his last fight and he will not try to achieve 50 wins with no defeats to better Rocky Marciano’s formidable record.

But with Floyd Mayweather, you just never know what’s next.

Liam McInerney

Colour writer for world section of irish-boxing.com. A Sugar Ray Robinson biography inspired me to be a boxing journalist. Twitter- @_LiamMcInerney