Fighters Favourites John Joe Joyce

This week we speak to 2008 Beijing Olympian John Joe Joyce as he tells us his favorites in boxing and why China has one of the best venues in  the amateur fight game.

Interviewer – Paddy Appleton

-Favourite current fighter and why

Favourite current fighter would be either Floyd Mayweather or Guillermo Rigondeaux because they are class boxers and each has great skills.

-Favourite fighter of all time and why

Favourite fighter of all time… I don’t really have one but if I had to pick I’d say it’s between Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather. I could name at least ten amateur boxers who could make the list.

-Favourite fight of all time and why

It’s tough to choose a favourite fight; there has been so many fantastic match-ups. Morales vs. Barrera, Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo first fight. Then there was Ward vs. Gatti 1 and the famous Ali vs. Foreman fight. They were all great fights and it’s difficult to choose one out of that lot.

-Favourite venue to fight at and why

The Workers’ Indoor Arena at the 2008 Beijing Olympic s. 13,000 people going mad is without doubt the best feeling anyone can have walking out to the ring. Boxing in the Olympics was like a dream and I’ll always have fond memories of that venue.

-Any person in history who you would like to get in the ring and why, doesn’t have to be a boxer.

How about Felix Diaz vs. John Joe Joyce rematch? Ha! I’m only joking I don’t like to focus on meeting anyone specific I just try to make sure I beat anyone that I come up against. Although to fight Diaz again would be great.



Don’t miss our exclusive interview with John Joe tomorrow, where he tells us why he hasn’t turned professional yet and talks of his disappointment at failing to make the Ireland squad for the 2012 Olympics.

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