Family matters to Frampton – I am more dedicated than Quigg

They say dedication is Scott Quigg’s middle name. The Bury man is a noted gym rat, a student of the game, whose last holiday was spent in the Wild Card Gym in LA.

The fighter, who takes on Carl Frampton in Manchester on February 27, might not be as talented as Floyd Mayweather, but by all accounts could rob the all-time-great’s ‘Hard Work, Dedication’ mantra.

However, If dedication does appear between Scott and Quigg on the WBA title holders passport it would not look out of place as the first and last name on ‘The Jackal’s’ ID, suggests Frampton himself.

The IBF champion is adamant not only does he work harder than his rival, but makes more sacrifices than the Matchroom super bantamweight. Indeed, it seems the Belfast fighter has made more if different kinds of sacrifices than a 14th century Druid throughout his career.

The father of two small children spends months away from Belfast and his family in the lead up to fights and points out he hasn’t the home comforts Quigg can boast in fight camp.

“People keep making this assumption that Quigg is more dedicated than me,” he said when speaking to the Daily Star.

“There is no doubt he trains hard, but does he train any harder than me?

“And after he trains he goes home and sees his family every night. I’m away from mine. I’m in London and surrounded by good people but it is hard to leave your young wife and children. I do that because there is a method to the madness.

“I want to better myself and I know it is better to be training away from distractions in Belfast, which there can be a lot.”

“I think about (my family) a lot, especially on fight days,’ he added. 

‘My son just started walking this week and I missed it. I missed his birthday, I missed my daughter’s birthday and all in this camp.

‘It is not easy, but I understand why I’m doing it. I’m doing it because I have to and I’m doing it to better their lives. I know it is a short career.’


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years