Emerald offer Galahad £20,000 winner take all to fight Casey

Casey wants return to the big time
By Jonny Stapleton

Emerald Promotions have put a £20,000 winner takes all offer to Kid Galahad to fight Willie Casey.
Mick Hennessy this week claimed that the shipped had sailed on a regularly muted ‘Big Bang’ Galahad clash, but Emerald Promotions Chris Graham is still fishing for the fight. (read that interview here: http://www.irish-boxing.com/2012/03/hennessy-casey-galahad-boat-has-sailed/)
The Sheffield based star’s management say they offered the former European champion the chance to top bill live against Galahad in last months channel 5 broadcast bout.
Hennessy Sports say the offer was rebuffed and as a result the chance has gone. However Team Casey have singled their Galahad  intent with the aforementioned £20,000 winner takes all effort.
“I’ will offer The Kid Galahad £20’000 winner takes all to fight Casey,” Chris Graham said. “Let’s see what ship sails now. Emerald Promotions will back up what they say. Will the Kid?”

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