Eddie’s Rocking and back for good

June 9 Jonny Stapleton

It is a case of Missus rather than Mister Motivator for Eddie Hyland as his wife and a re found passion for boxing have ensured his comeback win in the National Stadium late last month was not just a once off.

The all action value for money star returned after an 18 month sabbatical stopping Bulgarian journey man Asen Vasilev en route to career victory number 16-on the same card as brother Patrick Hyland claimed the WBF super featherweight world title.

Hyland dropped over 18 kilos prior to his first ever middleweight fight, but doesn’t plan to drop boxing anytime soon.

The eldest of the trio of Tallaght siblings enjoyed his return and got a taste for more, not to mention his new wife Julie, who isn’t keen on him becoming an Eddie Rockets regular once again, will ensure regular gym visits instead.

What division he will continue at is still unsure as is the level he desires to compete at, but one thing is for sure is Hyland is back for good.

The 30 year old wants another fight and some more training time to feel out what weight he is comfortable at and wants more time to asses what title targets he will set for himself.

“My missus was determined to get me back training. I think she wanted the weight off me. My lovely wife is a great motivator and she won’t let me stop but it is great to be back. I faced a tough opponent at a new weight. I didn’t want to go all guns blazing like I usually do. I wanted to see what I had at the weight and how I felt. The third round I stepped it up,” Hyland said. “I know he is a journey man and not perceived as a big threat, but every fighter has to be respected and every fighter can be dangerous.

“I am happy with how the comeback went. I will be back again and hopefully I will be out before Christmas. After that I will see what weight I should compete at and what titles I want to chase.I am back ticking over in the gym straight away. I have no goals set yet. Hopefully after one more fight I will have my mind made as to what I want to do. ”

Having over come weight issues and showing no form ring rust Hyland managed to impress on his return despite being expected to register a routine win.

The Dubliner stressed he thinks he may have benefited from the 18 month break and claimed the catalyst for such a display was doubts expressed by some about his comeback.

He also revealed he missed the buzz of a full Hyland training camp and rejoiced at going back to work with his brothers.

“Hand on heart I missed the game, but at the time I needed the break. Then as I said before when I sparred Robbie Long I realised this is what I do and fighting is what I a made for.

“I lost over 20 kilo in just over 7 weeks. I won’t go back to that weight again. I missed being in camp with the boys all together like we used to be and I think you seen the benefit of us training together on the show. Paulie stopped his opponent and Pajo won. I don’t like to bullshit, my motivation was to go back into the ring a shut the doubters up. People saying I couldn’t come back and I definitely couldn’t come back at middleweight. But I stopped a middleweight in my first fight in over a year and a half. He was tough and was able to take good shots,”the Irish champions added before paying tribute to youngest brother Paulie’s come back win.

“Special mention to Paulie because its very hard to come back after a loss. I know because I lost early on in my career. At European level it must be harder. He came back and stopped his opponent and all credit to him.”



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