Conlan makes Wilton response and suggests fight could be made soon

By Jonny Stapleton

JAMIE Conlan and Luke Wilton could announce the eagerly anticipated Irish Lord of the Flys battle as soon as next week.

The Belfast duo traded verbal blows last week as Conlan called out his city rival and

Irish Prospect of the Year wants Irish title fight

‘Winky’ accepted and it seems the pair could trade leather soon.

The pair went face to face at a photo shoot last week and speaking to seconds after he cornered his brother Michael’s National Elite semi final victory, Conlan hinted an announcement could be made as early as next week.

“We want the fight and I think his team want it now. Brilliant if the they do. We met a photo shoot during the week. We didn’t talk about the fight but I think are teams are.

“I want it and hopefully he wants it. Hopefully we will have some news during the week. He is a good fighter and it would be a great fight for Belfast,” Conlan said with a smile that suggested he knew a lot more than he was willing to revel.

The John Breen trained fighter won’t officailly confirm the fight is on the verge of being signed, but he is confident enough to predict the outcome if  indeed the battle of Belfast is made.

Indeed, Conlan hinted he forced his neighbour to announce what would appear to be a temporary retirement on a social network site after a one sided spar between the pair.

The Irish Prospect of the Year also claims Wilton’s suggestions he has never been offered the showdown are not true.
“He is talking out of his arse if he says he didn’t turn it down before. Ask John Breen, Brian Peters and Frank Maloney if Luke was ever offered that fight. Last time I sparred him it went three rounds and he got out of the ring. If he wants me to tell everyone how it went I will. He retired on facebook after our spar. He had a bad day that day and he has a chance to prove himself now. He is a good come forward fighter and a gutsy kid too. He will try and break my heart but trust me he won’t.”


A Wilton Conlan showdown has certainly got fans excited. It seems a lack of shows and cards in the country might have one positive knock on effect, talented Irish fighters may be forced to square of earlier than usual.

“There are not to many options for us at present. What else are we going to fight for other than the Irish title right now. I want a belt and he wants a belt. He thinks he is ready and I think I am ready for a belt so why not get it on. It makes good sense and if it is a good fight it could happen again. It will be a great fight.”

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