Byrne in action in US

14 May 2010 – By Jonny Stapleton

Dubliner Dean Byrne makes a long overdue return to the ring tonight but stressed once he secures victory there will be nothing long about his rise to the top.

Byrne (11-0), who is trained and co managed by Freddie Roach, saw injury and visa issues stall what has the potential to be top class career over the last 12 months.

However, he is confident a win in his clash with Michael Lucero(12-14-2) in the Chumash Casino, California on Friday will put him back on the World title track.

After sparring the likes of Amir Khan and Manny Pacquaio in the Wild Card gym the charismatic welterweight is confident of making a successful return to the ring. The Wild Card boxer also predicts Irish Lightening will strike more than once this year and that he will very shortly be a contender.

It has been great back at the gym with Freddie especially after the lay off. I am feeling good going into this fight and I am very confident. Believe me big things are going to happen for me this year. It has been a year since my last fight and I dont really want to predict the outcome. I am confident of winning but I am just happy to get to fighting after all this time.

I really cant wait to fight tonight and get my career moving forward again. I know my opponent will be tough, ready and there to fight. If I see an opening you can be sure I will take him out. I am going enjoy being back. I am eager to show my skills because thats what pays the bills. Freddie has been in me corner a couple of times now, but he will be down in New York with Khan and Kavanagh this week, Byrne explained.

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