Boxing festival set for the National Stadium this month

The IABA’s Dublin County Board’s October Festival of Boxing 2014 is being held in the National Stadium throughout October 2014. The October Festival 2014 for the first time incorporates the Dublin Male and Female Novice Boxing Championships. Each Gold Medal Winner, in each Novice weight category, both Male or Female, shall therefore be the Dublin Novice Champion at that weight category for the IABA 2014/2015 season.

IABA Dublin County Board October Festival 2014 Tournament Circular

October Festival 2014 Pre-Registration Form

The official weigh-ins will be held in the National Stadium Ringside Club on Saturday 11th from 9am-12pm. The entry fee per participating Boxer will be €15, payable at the weigh-in.  Depending upon entries Boxing for the tournament qualifiers and semi-finals will commence in the National Stadium on Saturday 11th and continue on Sunday 12th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th  of October 2014, culminating in the Finals being held in the National Stadium, Dublin on Saturday the 25th of October and Sunday the 26th of October.

It is expected that this year there shall be a very large entry of Boxers from the IABA’s Dublin County Board’s Clubs, as well as other invited IABA Boxing Clubs from outside of the Dublin County Board’s area of responsibility. IABA affiliated Clubs such as the Army Boxing Club, Garda Boxing Club, UCD Boxing Club, Trinity Boxing Club, D.I.T. Boxing Club and the Dublin VEC Boxing Club are also invited to participate in the October Festival’s Tournaments.

The IABA Dublin County Board October Festival of Boxing was initially and primarily designed for Adult Novices. However, it became apparent during 2013’s inaugural and highly successful October Festival that some very skilled and experienced Boxers were entering that October Festival’s Tournaments. Therefore in the interest of fairness and to keep experienced Boxers away from the Novice Boxers, a set of Male and Female Masters Tournaments were announced where experienced Boxers could compete fairly and safely against each other.

By the AIBA announcing in 2013 the new age increase ( for both male & female amateur boxing participants ) to 40 years of age, the IABA’s Dublin County Board expect a lot of interest and entries from not only Novice Boxers entering this year’s Tournaments but also from more experienced Boxers.

The Seven Tournament Cups to be presented to outstanding Boxers for each individual category are as follows:

1) George Earl Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Male Novice -Under 30

2) John Aylward Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Female Novice – Under 30

3) Larry Collins Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Male Novice – Aged 30 to 40

4) Jim Brannigan Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Female Novice – Aged 30 to 40

5) Ben Macartney Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Male Master – Under 40

6) Ben Macartney Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Female Master  – Under 40

7) Peter Perry Perpetual Cup – Best Boxer – Overall – IABA Dublin County Board October Festival of Boxing

All IABA Clubs and/or Boxers who are contemplating entry to the Tournaments must complete the October Festival Pre-Registration Form ( attached ) and return same to the following October Festival email address:- [email protected] by no later than the 8th October 2014. All Boxing Bouts shall be judged and scored via the “10 Point Must” scoring system with a full complement of R&J’s from the IABA’s Dublin County Board being present at all Bouts. All Boxers participating in the Tournaments’ Bouts must be I.A.B.A. Officially Carded Boxers and members of Officially Affiliated I.A.B.A Clubs for the 2014/2015 season, with no exceptions. All Boxers must have trained and be fit to enter the tournaments. All Boxers, both Male and Female, shall be medically examined at their weigh-in. As per the new 2014 AIBA rules regarding protective headgear all Male Boxers of 18 years of age and upwards shall now not be allowed to wear protective headgear during any of the Tournaments’ competitive bouts.

However, Female Boxers shall as before wear protective headgear during all of the Tournaments’ competitive bouts. Please note that each participating Boxer in the October Festival 2014 shall be required to sign a IABA Member’s Acknowledgement Form at their weigh in. Further each participating Female Boxer shall be required to sign a  Pregnancy Declaration Form at their weigh-in.

Gold and Silver Medals shall be presented to each Final’s Winner and Runner Up, directly following the conclusion of that Final’s Bout over the October Bank Holiday Weekend, on 25/26th October 2014. The 7 Perpetual Cups shall be presented at the IABA Dublin County Board’s Gala Halloween Ball on Sunday evening of the October Bank Holiday Weekend, the 26th of October 2014, in the Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin.

The Cups shall be presented to those Boxers, who in the opinion of the IABA Dublin County Board’s R&Js Commission, show outstanding boxing skills and ability and who best epitomize the spirit, heart and discipline of our sport, science and art. Please note that individual Gold Medal Winners, shall not necessarily be Cup(s) Winners, and that every Finalist, whether Winner or Runner Up, has the opportunity to win a Cup or indeed Cups.
Entry tickets to view any individual Boxing event held during the October Festival of Boxing 2014 shall be available at the door of the National Stadium, priced at € 10. However, Children under 12, full time Students and/or Senior Citizens/Pensioners ONLY can pay at the door for a reduced price of € 5 per individual person/per individual event, upon production at the door of official proof of age in the case of children under 12, a valid and current full-time Student Card in the case of full time Students or a valid and current Senior Citizens Travel Card in the case of Senior Citizens/Pensioners.

Immediately following the culmination of the Finals on the afternoon of Sunday 26th of October, the IABA’s Dublin County Board shall be using the Stillorgan Park Hotel in Dublin for a Gala Halloween Fancy Dress Ball, to be held in the Main Ballroom of the Hotel, on Sunday the 26th of October, at 7.30pm, for the presentation of the Tournaments’ Cups to the outstanding Boxers of the October Festival and importantly to commemorate and celebrate the great Dublin Boxing Legends in who’s honor the Tournaments Cups are named and being presented.

Tickets for the IABA Dublin County Board’s Gala Halloween Ball, to be held on the evening of Sunday 26th of October ( which are restricted in number ) are now available for purchase from the IABA Dublin County Board at a cost of €45 per ticket. To purchase tickets please contact either Jason Byrne, Art O’Brien and/ or Peter Barry at their contact details listed below :-

Jason Byrne:    083 3040419    [email protected])

Art O’Brien:      087 2441823    [email protected]

Peter Barry:      087 2595831    [email protected]

For any further information, event posters, technical  advisories, event dates/times and/or any other queries please contact in the first instance, Mr. Jason Byrne, Head Coach, St. Margaret’s ABC-Glasthule/IABA Dublin County Board, at his contact details shown above.


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