Adrien Broner needs a change in attitude to have future success in boxing

Ironically Adrien Broner nicknames himself “the problem” when the only difficulty he is executing is to himself, not his opponents.

During the build-up to the Shawn Porter fight it was hard not to want Broner to get his ass kicked, sorry for not putting it more eloquently.

In a recent Instagram post he said: “I let my money talk”. After a rocky road since his defeat to Marcos Maidana its time Broner lets his boxing catch peoples eye and not his fancy cars.

His previous successes, being a three time world champion, needs to be put in the past for now. Broner has to move forward and achieve new things in the sport. It appears on social media that he spends too much time in clubs than in the gym- but that might be just a perception.

Rumours are Ruslan Provodnikov could fight Broner in November. Provodnikov’s contest with Timothy Bradley in 2013 was awarded fight of the year and his clash with Lucas Matthysse is up there with 2015’s greatest match-up.

Broner proved in his last outing with Porter that he struggles to deal with pressure fighters and Provodnikov is a big hitter who won’t hide in the ring. Therefore Broner needs to get himself in great shape physically and mentally to resurrect his career at the top level.

It would be a significant bout as a loss for either guy would be devastating. Provodnikov has lost three of his last five fights and another Broner defeat would force boxing fans to no longer take him seriously.

“About Billions” is a phrase adopted by Broner and I have no qualms with a young man celebrating the money he has earned. He has said previously that boxing kept him off the streets and credit to him for making himself and his family financially stable from it.

But a legacy is what should now motivate Broner. He is only 26 and clearly has ability, if he focuses his attention more on boxing he could retire a lot wealthier than what he would do if he keeps going the way he is.

In order to get past Provodnikov and become a world champion again, Broner should completely change his attitude. Boxing needs to become his obsession, much more of his energy should be channelled into the sweet science because if not, the name Adrien Broner won’t be remembered in years to come.

Liam McInerney

Colour writer for world section of A Sugar Ray Robinson biography inspired me to be a boxing journalist. Twitter- @_LiamMcInerney